Vacay For Less Shares Vegas as a Great Family Holiday Destination, check our photo gallery.  Vacay For Less knows that when choosing the perfect vacation destination, that somewhere with excitement for both children and adults is important. It seems with certain activities or destination. Instead of finding ways to avoid stress

Las Vegas is the perfect middle ground for kids and adults to find ways to play. Kids can spend their days pumping quarters into the action-packed arcades at Circus Circus, and for all those daredevils out there, take a moment to stop by the Adventuredome to ride the rides, including the giant ferris wheel. If your roller coaster fix still hasn’t been cured, stop by New York New York to for a ride outside, featuing scenic views of Las Vegas’s famous strip. After the kids head to bed, adults can find time to unwind at oen of the many different venues known for night life. Whether restaraunts, night clubs or a show sound like the best way to end the night, Las Vegas is one city that seems to offer it all for the whole family.

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