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Vipul was is amazing.  We were looking to take the family to Orlando, and the accommodations we got were way beyond what we were expecting great job guys keep up the good work you made our vacation triple lifetime.

This particular shout out goes to Amanda from Vacay For less. When we first joined, we had some second thoughts but we decided to give it a try and to deal with Amanda made all the difference in the world. She got us a condo in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and the accommodations were first-class. We had no issues checking in we had daily maid service and my mother is diabetic has to eat at certain times and having the fridge and a full kitchen made all the difference in the world. Seeing what the rate would’ve normally been was far more than what we paid, it made the difference of being able to take the trip or just having another staycation.

Vacay For Less has been one of the best choices we have made a long time. This membership has paid for itself many times over.  We have three timeshares and when it comes to trading we never seem to get what we want, this is frustrating. Upon talking to Anna G she got us a condo in Cancun right on the beach right in the heart of the action and we had the time of our lives. I would highly recommend this company if you like to travel. The best part was the service kudos to you Anna G for a job well done.

We just purchased a membership with Vacay For Less and decided to try it right away to see if we made the right choice. We then spoke with a fellow by the name of Tony and asked if we could get something in or around Lake Tahoe. Not only did Tony give us great service but he offered us multiple options and the one we chose was definitely a winner. Tony seemed to have passion and stopped at nothing to make sure that we were happy and we certainly were.  Thank you again Vacay For Less for making your vacation in Lake Tahoe a memorable one, and I hope this testimonial reaches Tony’s superiors, because he did do a great job and you can tell by the passion in his voice, but he cares about his clients, and that was important to us we thank them for that.

I thought I got scammed! I really when my hubby and I got home we thought what did we do? The next day we called to test the services out. Not only did we book a two bedroom condo with a fully equipped granite countered kitchen in the heart of Orlando but it was a full resort with all the amenities you could imagine. The price was $500.00 I thought we were had but turns out they are the real deal.

Vacay for Less sold us on the fact we could take more trips for less money. The fact is we are and have and will continue. We use to use major vacation home booking site till one-day things did not turn out as planned. We arrived late and found ourselves sleeping in a roadside hotel. These guys have you covered you’re getting major resorts that are super fancy and have guards at gates, and you feel secure. Getting what was promised means everything to us. And Vacay made that happen. Thank you and great work till our next looking forward to speaking with you guys again.

Have three timeshares all with high maintenance fees. The problem is they keep going up, and we have to keep paying them or else. This product not only got us place our timeshare did not but for a lot less. When you take the maintenance fee and the exchange and whatever other fee’s and assessments out they are hands down the best deal going. All I can say is if you travel to use them if not then stay home

Booked a hotel room on discount site, you have all seen on tv. Problem is when checking in they give you the worst room facing a wall, my God could imagine going to Cabo to look at cruise ships and water only to see a wall. We got an invite to attend a Vacay presentation both my wife and I sat there cross armed waiting to get it over with. In the end, we decided why not it was not a lot of money. Tried it right away just to make sure we did the right thing and got a condo, not a hotel room so now our kids are not in bed beside us, and it offers a full kitchen with Ocean view. The sick part is working out to less than the so called bargain sites on TV when average the per night cost. This worked out under $75.00 per night The bargain site will get you cheap deals but when you arrive the worst room will the one you get. I want to look at water is that asking too much thank you Vacay

Vacay For Less is a premier vacation fulfillment provider.  By offering its members the best quality vacation experiences at affordable prices, Vacay For Less has built a strong reputation through customer service and industry leading access.

Members can experience luxury style travel while vacationing in the most sought after destinations.  By utilizing their membership, members can access destinations that they previously may not have been able to visit or revisit favorite destinations while now experiencing world-class amenities. Vacay For Less also offers members a full-service travel agency concept, allowing its member base to plan, book and experience all areas of the vacation experience, from car rentals, theme park and attractions and so much more.

Our members have access to incredible vacations throughout the world and the ability to plan vacations with ease.  Membership benefits include discounts on attractions and other travel-related costs. Our members have a wide variety of destination to choose from, while also experiencing a new level of quality on vacation. Vacationing in a condominium is a style that may be common for members, but for new members, this is a way of travel that is unknown.  The level of excellence and comfort a condo affords to a family is truly extraordinary.

Large families can travel in style, with both privacy and comfort, and create unforgettable memories with loved ones.  Check out Vacay For Less, and stay tuned for great ways to use your membership!   Our strength is in our enthusiasm to improve, and the use of new technology to reach out to you in innovative ways, but it helps to have our clear understanding of what it means to enjoy a dream vacation.

Top Tahoe Rock Climbing Spots

Our travel experts know that Tahoe is one of the best destinations to travel to for those who want to enjoy a day outdoors. There is a wide range of outdoor activities that are available in this area all year around. During the winter, people can go ice-skating, snowshoeing, sledding, tubing, and much more. In the summer months, guests are able to go hiking, biking, swimming, and climbing. For those who are looking for the top rock climbing spots in Lake Tahoe this summer, look no further. These are some of the best spots for rock climbing in the area.

Big Chief: This popular climbing spot is located in the Truckee River Canyon and is the largest formation in the area. Big Chief stands at over 250 feet and has over 90 routes available. These routes range in difficulty and are perfect for both beginners and advanced climbers.

Twin Crags: Located in the Truckee River Canyon, the Twin Crags offers great trails and views and is one of the most secluded spots to climb.

This spot is also ideal during the winter, as the two columns usually prevent the area from getting snowed in.

Donner Summit: Our travel experts share that Donner Summit boasts over three hundred routes and also is home to the best bouldering in the city. This top spot offers some of the most scenic views that you can find, with routes that are perfect for all different levels. Because of the location, this spot is perfect in the summer because of its cool weather.


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